Hello! Is it me you’re looking for…
I’m Matthew Moran. But not Matt Moran, the Australian chef (wonderful hair) or Matt Moran, the vibraphonist (definitely worth listening to). God Bless them Internets!

I’m the Los Angeles based hyperactive writer, songwriterconsultant, and speaker version of Matt Moran. (complete?? bio).

Let’s call this site my hub of activity… well, that’s what I’m calling it. I’ll share my music and my insights into technology, content creation, creativity, productivity, parenting, current events, social issues, social media, and other flights of fancy!

My goal: entertain, educate, and put the occasional stone in your shoe.

You can also hire meif you want something amazing!


The IT Job Seeker’s Song
from a recent presentation

Morning Girl

Download it and 11 other songs here.