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Vibrators, Bank Robbery, and Proof of God

I’m convinced there is a God. Not because of the moral argument (which is pretty compelling) or the teleological argument (also with merit). Nope… it’s when things like this happen.

A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with my friend Lori about writing in a more free-form way. That would be humorous and/or bizarre commentary on news or simply musings. I used to do that a LOT! And she agreed that I should. My manager has told me the same thing.… and then, yesterday morning, this story on the front page of NBCNews.com.

Pittsburgh Man Charged with Robbing Bank with a Sex Toy

This is how it appears at NBC News. Note the reporters first line..  har har..2015-06-17 - sex-toy-story Continue Reading →

One Night – the story behind the song… or using Google Maps for inspiration

A short-narrative about writing my song, One Night. The song is available as an individual download or as part of “Where I Belong” – a collection of songs you can get here.

I explain writing the song here or you can read about it. The song itself and the lyrics can be found below.

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Of Weddings and Love Songs

My oldest son got married in Michigan a week ago. He asked that my youngest and I perform a few songs at the wedding. We picked out our songs but several people asked if I would be writing a song for the wedding.

I initially balked at the idea. This is their day! Their moment in the sun. It felt a little presumptuous.

But upon reflection (and charges of false humility and laziness) I realized that it isn’t presumptuous. It is what I do. Whether writing a poem for someone or a song, it is a way to connect with the people (my son and his beautiful bride) and the event. It is giving a part of me to them. Well, I hope they see it that way. Continue Reading →

Everything I Thought I Never Wanted (story and song)

If you’ve followed my blog(s) for long enough, you know about “The Flood of ’07” So called because it was a flood that destroyed our home in 2007. And while there may have been larger floods in ’07, when an event hits you like that, it gets the “The” moniker.

We ended up on the news all day after and Doug Bruhnke of Growth Nation said to me about a week later: Continue Reading →