Matt Moran House Concerts

It’s a bohemian, kind of grass roots, semi-hippy musical experience – The House Concert.

While I still have the full house concert guide below, for the sake of simplicity, I’ve written a One Page Guide To House Concerts.

PDF Guide To House Concerts
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If you love original music and want to support singer/songwriters, host a house concert or two.  If not me, another musician you enjoy.  It is a great way to create a memorable event and its cultural – how good is that!

Here is how it works:
You pick a date that works for you and the musician, Friday evenings are good but if you think you can get the people, you can do a Sunday afternoon concert too.

You start inviting friends and family – asking them to do the same.  You state clearly the day/time and expectations.  You ask for a suggested donation – indicating that they pay more if they wish to and if they are unable to pay anything to still attend – and invite someone else.

Explain what they should bring – lawn chair, their own wine (see alcohol notes), cookies, etc.  Explain what you will provide – cheese/crackers, water, etc.

Explain that this is NOT a social gathering/party but a concert – a listening event (we songwriters love listening events) – although mingling will occur before and after the performance.

Explain what is expected – respectful listening, promptness, good neighbor rules (where they should park), and that they should RSVP.

Explain that the artist will be performing and will possibly have merchandise – T-shirts, CDs, posters, etc.  I provide two 40+ minute sets with a break in between for discussions about songwriting, a snack break, etc.

If it is an out of town event and the performer must travel, you should provide a guest room or soft couch for them to sleep on – your home or someone you know – you might pool resources with some of your friends to pay for the plane ticket, pulling reimbursement out of the donations received.  This makes it easier for the artist (it definitely makes it easier for me).

I make it easy for you by providing a downloadable flyer – both color and black and white that you can add your information to.

Also, if you want, use a service like EventBrite ( ) to track your RSVP’s.  It removes the burden of you maintaining a list.  It’s free and works great.  Other calendar programs can do the same – use what you are most comfortable with.  I also provide a downloadable spreadsheet you can use to track invites/RSVP’s and the number of attendees.

* alcohol notes:
Hey, wine and good music sounds good to me but… there are people who just shouldn’t drink – at all, let alone when I am playing music.  I do lift weights and fought in karate tournaments – don’t make me angry.  Okay, just kidding but if you are concerned with people getting unruly (my music is not particularly ruly-making) – a no alcohol policy can ease that concern.  It’s your house and your call.

If you want to put on a house concert, simply send me an email with the date you want, how many people you think will attend, and any other questions or logistical information you can provide.

If you want more information, download this document (in PDF) – A Guide To House Concerts with Matthew Moran.  I will also create a basic flyer – both color and black and white – that you can print or email as an invitation.  See how easy I make it.

So let’s get started today!!!