Story and Song – The Tide – a song about obsession

“That’s a song about obsession!”

I think it was Karen that told me that. I hadn’t really thought about it before but on reflection, I suppose it is.

The Tide – origins

Written between 2006 & 2007 – 2007 being the year of flood, fire, separation, BIG FLOOD! Continuing into 2008 with desperation, divorce, & depression. All those “D’s”


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United Airlines demonstrates a change of heart

An update… United changes course


In a change from their initial decision, United Airlines has issued our son a ticket home. I should be picking him up from the airport this evening! He is very excited – as are all of us.

Thank you United Airlines!

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Number three graduates from basic and hiking past challenges

A couple weeks ago I visited Fort Benning, Georgia to attend my 3rd child’s graduation from basic training – US Army.

At Fort Benning with Chris

I wrote a little about “the boy” in “It’s On! and The Heart of the Child” – and I won’t go into much more detail at this point.. However, I’ll reflect a bit on the time in Atlanta and moments that I’ll remember. Continue Reading →

America, Root Beer, & Racism….. and grace


It’s July 3rd. Last night I went out and purchased a few bottles of a quality root beer. I chilled one to just shy of freezing and sat outside with my dogs – trying to convince Bailey, the abused pit bull that was dropped in our neighborhood a few months back, that the crack of fireworks didn’t warrant her crawling behind the washing machine or otherwise completely freaking out!

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Thanks Dad

Myles Moran, Tina Moran, Matthew Moran at Moran Point, Grand Canyon

@ The Grand Canyon – we own it!

My father passed away this year. It’s Father’s Day and I thought I’d write something about him. I realize that sounds a bit emotionless; but I think my father would prefer that than gushing sentimentality.

Also, you always hope you can write something profound. The person and situation warrants it. I don’t believe I achieved profound, but I hope you understand a little more about my dad and something about me as well.

I’m going to give you some facts about my Dad, some thoughts about his nature and character, and then express what I am most thankful for.

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