Manifesto, Mantra, & Mandates for 2017

Dammit! Now I need to write something into my alliteration. Reading time: 6:40-ish I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve beaten this subject to death, so. If interested, you can read my take here. I do, however, believe in setting goals, establishing plans, and working for outcomes. And I think the New Year provides […]

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The day after that… thoughts on post election humanity

Can we be alright if we are all right? Election day is coming soon. I suspect most people have decided who they are voting for and if not, the online demonizing and rationalizing of X or Y will NOT be what determines their vote. So.. I’m going to write about civility and shared experiences. I […]

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Notes to The Girl: Tips for the Best Week Possible

When Sara was in middle school I put notes in her lunch. Occasionally, I publish them. An image of the original note can be found below the text. Date: 9/24/2012 Sara, Tips for making this week the best possible: Smile! Consider how to make someone unhappy smile and then do that thing. Thank your teachers […]

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The downtown LA reality show and “These arms are for hugging, not Hitting!”

A week or so ago, my friend, my friend Debbie and I went downtown for the evening. R&R for me. Mental health getaway for her.. ’nuff said. My youngest – “The Punk” – and I moved there so she could attend a performing arts high school. She is a singer.. a good one (look for future […]

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