Vibrators, Bank Robbery, and Proof of God

I’m convinced there is a God. Not because of the moral argument (which is pretty compelling) or the teleological argument (also with merit). Nope… it’s when things like this happen.

A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with my friend Lori about writing in a more free-form way. That would be humorous and/or bizarre commentary on news or simply musings. I used to do that a LOT! And she agreed that I should. My manager has told me the same thing.… and then, yesterday morning, this story on the front page of

Pittsburgh Man Charged with Robbing Bank with a Sex Toy

This is how it appears at NBC News. Note the reporters first line..  har har..2015-06-17 - sex-toy-story Continue Reading →

Of Weddings and Love Songs

My oldest son got married in Michigan a week ago. He asked that my youngest and I perform a few songs at the wedding. We picked out our songs but several people asked if I would be writing a song for the wedding.

I initially balked at the idea. This is their day! Their moment in the sun. It felt a little presumptuous.

But upon reflection (and charges of false humility and laziness) I realized that it isn’t presumptuous. It is what I do. Whether writing a poem for someone or a song, it is a way to connect with the people (my son and his beautiful bride) and the event. It is giving a part of me to them. Well, I hope they see it that way. Continue Reading →

Notes to the Girl – Everyday Moments

Back in 2012, when my youngest came to live with me full-time, I would make her lunch and put a note it in. The notes covered topics from the mundane to flights of fancy.

After scanning a few and putting them on Facebook, it was recommended I post them on my blog from time to time as well. And so, here we go! Continue Reading →

Kind words and soul suckers

Kind words and soul suckers

“without any exaggeration whatsoever, I will say that Mathew really captured the audience’s attention as well as *any* speaker we’ve had in 13 years…  I would *highly* recommend Mathew as a speaker for the Chapter meeting or any of the satellite meetings…”

That testimonial quote is from the person who booked me to speak for PMI in Pasadena (Project Management Institute) last month. That was his email introducing me to the Los Angeles Program Director… emphasis (bold and asterisks) his! From that email, I’ve been booked to two more engagements – same organization.

So why tell you this?

I’m bragging! That’s why!

Well… sort of. Certainly, I believe I give a great presentation – high-value, fun… education plus entertainment! In fact, I’ve also been booked to present more workshops at the Ventura County Community Foundation (Blogging and Social Media) and at the Camarillo Public Library’s Business Workshop Series. (Team Collaboration).

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Story and Song – The Tide – a song about obsession

“That’s a song about obsession!”

I think it was Karen that told me that. I hadn’t really thought about it before but on reflection, I suppose it is.

The Tide – origins

Written between 2006 & 2007 – 2007 being the year of flood, fire, separation, BIG FLOOD! Continuing into 2008 with desperation, divorce, & depression. All those “D’s”


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