How to Use Google Drive to Record With Musicians Across The Internet

This article explains how to use Google Drive (cloud computing baby) to coordinate and organize recordings (musical collaboration) with other musician across the Internet.

Remote Collaboration For Musicians

Do you have an interest in collaborating with other musicians? I talk to a lot of artist who want to do just that. This tutorial explains the collaboration process and provides instructions on how to effectively accomplish this with Google Drive. Continue Reading →

Some Pho-King Music – pun unavoidable

We’re playing a gig on May 31st at 7pm. The name of the restaurant, “Pho-King Delicious.”


When: 7-9PM-ish
Where: Pho-King Delicous
9350 Corbin Ave, Northridge, California 91324
What: 2 bands. Jed’s Dead & The Matt Moran Band (that’s us).

Jed’s Dead is a great band we met back in 2012 and played a few shows with. They have a great sound… as do we.. so this show will be awesome! Plain and simple.

You can join the event on Facebook here.

Below is our highly-campy poster.. Guilty of pun over-use!! But we sort of like it.
Matt Moran Band and Jed's Dead in Northridge, CA


Valentine’s Day – a song for the broken hearted

Last Friday I was chatting with someone. They challenged me to quickly write a Valentine’s Day song. And so I offer the song below.

The challenge came at about 5:45am. At 6:40 I sent them the lyrics minus the bridge. I added the bridge at lunch. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ve included the lyrics below the video.

Valentine’s Day

Copyright © 2014 – Matthew Moran

Playing a show on Valentine’s Day
Watching the lovers throw their hard earned cash away
They can’t know what I know
That love it comes and love it surely goes

Whoa sweet music capture me
If I give it all to you, will you take it all away
I don’t need relief and I don’t need to be okay
Just help me hide the truth about love, on this Valentine’s day

She said, “I’m leaving, you’ll never change”
And I must admit she’s right cuz I still feel the same
I still believe in love and I she still haunts dreams
But somewhere along the way we forgot what forever means

Do you know what you did to me?
I can’t see straight and I can’t look away
But I’m not seeking an apology
Just a place to hide my heart… on this Valentine’s Day

Thank you Pete Seeger for teaching me guitar

The Red Book by Pete SeegerMy father was a banjo player. He had a book titled, “How To Play the 5-String Banjo” by Pete Seeger. Known as “The Red Book” – even after it came out as a green and blue cover.

In that book was a page of several songs that required 3 chords.

C, F, & G7. Those who play will recognize, the 1, 4, 5 progression – basically, I was learning everything I needed to know to become a rock star!

My First Guitar

We also had a beautiful Guild classical guitar. I still have the guitar.
The Guild Classical I first played

And a Mel Bay book of chords. From the Mel Bay book of chords, I learned to tune the guitar and learned those 3 chords… The “F” chord being the most challenging even in it’s 4 string version.. Anyone remember that first bar chord?

The first song I learned was the Crawdad song (“You Get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey.”). Yesterday, when I discovered the passing of Pete Seeger, I recorded this short video tribute and thank you. Enjoy!

I’m Here – a sweet love song

I'm Here  - a song by Matthew Moran

No really! It is! Simple, sweet, pretty. Well.. I think so.. and some early reviewers do as well. I hope (and believe) you will as well.

The recording, as published here, is a work in progress. This means that I’m going to be overwriting the file as I add violin, backing vocals, additional guitar, and possibly some keys. The goal is keep it simple but add some color. Updates to any of the free downloadable songs will be mentioned in the newsletter, via twitter, and on Facebook. So.. join me in those places.

It’s a song that will be part of a songwriting project I started last year titled, “Conquering Athena.”

Conquering Athena

I’ll write more about this project. I haven’t really written about it; just alluded to it from time to time.

Athena is the greek godess of just war, courage, culture, and a myriad of other noble concepts.

Conquering Athena is an ode to strong women who, when provided a safe place to do so, allow themselves to be conquered; a sweet acquiescence to the privilege of their heart.

“I cannot contain you but at your command
I’ll part the rivers of heaven, take your soul in my hand.”
– from Conquering Athena – Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I’ll write more about that project soon – but for now, enjoy this song and let me know what you think.

Play the song using the player below or download the mp3 file here.

I’m Here

Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I want to kiss you in the moonlight
So cliche but so brand new
I want to feel your body tremble at my touch
And feel my body next to you

I’m not much more than simple man
With a loving heart and gentle hand
But baby if you need that… I’m here

Let me escape into your prison
Bound in sweet captivity
& find my way into your loving arms
your loving arms will set me free

Somewhere North up in Montana
A cabin lit against the chill
I swear I can hear her calling out to me
If I can get to her I will

2014 – My Year in Preview

I know.. a lot of people do their year in review around this time. I didn’t. I know what I achieved and what I did not. We can summarize big things quickly:

2013 Rapid Review:

  • New Book – Building Your I.T. Career
    This is a rebirth of sorts for me.

  • New Business – Pulse Infomatics, Inc.
    Much greater focus and a more concrete action-plan.

  • New Relationships
    This will make it into the preview as well.

  • A big move to Los Angeles
    The girl is attending a performing arts school. She was commuting an hour and fifty minutes by train – ONE WAY – high school. Now we are 4 miles from the school. Very exciting!

There were other significant events mind you (songs and other writings). But I’m going to stop at those as having the most concrete set points. I can sort of hang my hat on those accomplishments and say, “Well done!”

Now What?

And today, January 1st, 2014 (er.. January 2nd), the question becomes, “Now what?”

I’m not asking this question today. As indicated in my prior post, The Resolution Farce, January 1st is not a day for making resolutions. It is a day to reflect, assess, and refine motion forward. The items I cover in in the preview of 2014 are things I’ve been thinking about and working on for some time.

I’ll break them into personal and professional – although for some things, the lines can get a little bit blurry. For instance, relationships often cross over between personal and professional. My work at learning to draw as well.. it is primarily a personal endeavor but I do, at some point, wish to create a book of sketches and writings.. ala Eric Sloane or Shel Silverstein.

You get the picture… (pun). And to that, here is my 3rd drawing.
A glass jar on my coffee table

Important to note: I have not put the items in either category into order of priority or importance. Also, I reserve the right to alter/adjust this list and perhaps add new items as needed.

Personal Items to Work on/Achieve for 2014

The following is a sort of FILDI manifesto!


I don’t often write about my divorces. Yeah.. that’s plural kids.. I’m obviously not very good at this marriage thing. But an interesting thing happens when you married and when you are divorced.. Many of your relationships are part of, or built into, the marriage. Other married couples, etc. And one person in the marriage often runs the social calendar.

Post divorce, I discovered that people take sides or don’t really know what to do with you. Also, I have been out of circulation for a bit of time. I don’t really have people I hang out with.

My youngest daughter asked me why I don’t hang out with friends more often. And then I had a conversation with the older daughter about this as well. She and my friend Mike from high school both said something like, “Invite to be invited.”

So, don’t be surprised if you get invited to something I am doing.

Oh.. and officially, I don’t date so it isn’t that kind of relationship I am talking about. As I like to say, “My daughter is my girl and music is my mistress.”

The other part of this relationship thing is family. My children, my siblings, my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. I plan to work on these relationships too. It could be an even scarier piece of the puzzle – but I plan to enjoy it.


I’ve always wanted to draw. I’ve spent 30 years telling people I cannot draw a straight line. Low and behold, in speaking to some pretty good artist, I’ve discovered that is a bad way to determine if you can draw. Straight lines are no small feat. But in general, I’ve always had an affinity towards pencil or pen drawings.

We were at the bookstore and there were sketchbooks on sale. My daughter wanted one so I bought her one but also bought one for myself. The above image is one of my first sketches. I’ve put it under “personal” items because, at this point, it’s a bit presumptuous to roll it into my professional life. Future goal, however, is a book of writings and sketches. I’ll post occassional sketches on my blog.


I went to the doctor back in 2013. When they took my pulse, they took it a second time to be sure. 49 bpm. That’s pretty low for 47 (now 48). And low in a good way – good blood pressure, etc. He said, “You are in pretty good shape for a 30 year old.”  Hee hee. I thought that was pretty funny of him.

I do plan, however, to drop some more weight – mostly through portion control and upping my veggie to protein ratio. I also plan to start doing Yoga. I keep being told I would like it and it would help bring my fitness into a more rounded and emotional space. I am not sure what that means but, sure, we’ll give it a try.

Reading Fiction

I used to read a lot! But the truth is, I haven’t read a complete work of fiction in more than 10 years. As I plan to start on a novel this year (see writing below), it would probably be a good idea to read a couple. I have one sitting on my bedside table that my daughter asked me to read. I started it and am 10 pages into it…. after 3 months. Hmm…. Yeah, more reading is in order.

Professional Items to Work on/Achieve for 2014

Writing (books, articles, blogs)

My heroes have also been authors and now I am one. I sometimes forget this fact although I LOVE bantering around phrases like, “I was talking with my editor and…” It doesn’t matter what comes after that. The “and” is incidental. It is the fact that I used the phrase “my editor” in complete honesty. That means I have “an editor” that I can somehow lay claim to. She’s mine! (hi Mary Beth).

I have some other editors too but she’s my first.. sort of de-virginized me into the publishing world. And your first holds a special place right? She does for me!

I’ve been blessed to be published in book form, articles, essays, and even some poetry. I plan to do more of this for 2014. And across multiple disciplines. In fact, blogging is a big one. I have been negligent and half in/half out, for the most part of 2013. There will be a schedule and there will be blogging.

Finally, I have an official treatment and some notes on a novel idea that has been running around my head for several years. Sort of a Southern lit/John Grisham crossover novel. There is some family history in the story and then some embellishment.. and even a murder or two. I will start that novel this year.

Consulting & Coaching & Speaking (oh my)

Pulse Infomatics, Inc.

I launched Pulse Infomatics, Inc. this year. I already linked to it above. Basically, once we decided that we were moving into the heart of the beast (downtown Los Angeles), I figured I was near a LOT OF BUSINESS. Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, and surrounding areas.

I’ve got some aggresssive goals with Pulse and have a new sales director working with me. What we do at Pulse is create custom reporting and document assembly systems. Basically, we consult companies and customize software to pull data from multiple systems into a single, consolidated series of reports. We also do document and contract assembly.

However, much of year 1 will be focused on helping small businesses connect Quickbooks to SQL Server and other databases.

CIO/CTO/I.T. Departmental Coaching

I’ve been asked to coach a couple small I.T. departments on better business communications and more proactive I.T. solutions. This is far less technical and more about business acumen and recognizing how and where they are valuable to the organization. There is also a solution design component that requires the I.T. group to be more aware of (empathetic) to how their users actually work. How the business actually makes money.

This is fun work and there is a lot of self-discovery. There is also some weird push-back from I.T. professionals who feel you sacrifice technical skills to be a better communicator and to better understand the business. I could not disagree more… and that is what makes this fun!

Music / Songwriting

I write some good songs! There! I said it! It’s not arrogance to say that. It’s a realistic self-assessment. In the same way that I knew/know I could write for pay, and did in short order once I started, I know this about my songwriting.

I have some wonderful connections into that community and plan to both record my own songs and also place my songs with younger, prettier, and more talented people. I was asked whether it would bother me if someone else took one of my songs and it went big! I was like, “Yeah.. that would be awful. I would cry with every royalty check deposited.” NOT!!

And lest I forget, I’m starting the Hillside Village House Concerts. This is not so much a professional item for me – I won’t make anything with them.  – In reality is is more a relationship item but it falls under music as well, so that is where I’ve put it.

Video & Audio Podcasting/video updates

I’ve been half-in/half-out of this world for too long. I’ve had a couple well-received podcast and won business through my tech and business update videos. But I have a more lofty and aggressive agenda in this area.

Basic updates and music

I started last year (and even the year prior) at consolidating my online presence. I’ll be updating the MatthewMoranOnline youtube channel more diligently. I’ll also post general updates, rants, technical tutorials, and information about and for songwriters and artist. And if that doesn’t cover enough, anything else that comes to mind.

Documentary style production

I’m going to start small here. But, I’m a HUGE fan of This American Life on NPR. I think it is the most well-produced and interesting radio show ever!!. Ira Glass has some great storytelling resources online. I’m not sure what I’ll produce but some of it will be autobiographical. They say, write and produce what you know.. and I’m getting to know me. Other topics include: dogs, parenting, music, and whatever else catches my eye.


So, there you have it. 2014 neatly bundled and wrapped, ready to be devoured and shared all at the same time.

I would love to hear what your 2014 plans are. Even a single item you are going to put into play! And I mean Play!!! Let me know in the comments below!

The Story Behind The Song – Make You Feel

Occasionally, I discuss how a certain song comes about or songwriting in general. I do it when I play all the time. Every song has a story, doesn’t it? I was asked to do this on my blog more often.. And because I am so compliant ;-) I’ll oblige that request.

A quick note about home recording

Matt Moran discusses his songwritingI’ve been playing around with Reaper lately. Both to get some acoustic demos recorded for the band and also to have an acoustic CD for those coffeehouse gigs. See About Reaper Below.

Make You Feel – the song

I used to announce this song by talking about James Taylor’s song, Handy Man. That was until my guitarist at the time, Elliot, pointed out that Mr. Taylor didn’t write that song. It was written by Jimmy Jones and Otis Blackwell. I modified my intro to “made popular by James Taylor.”

The song is sort of funny.. Women find it sexy (hell, I find it sexy) but when you really break it down, it is about a schmuck telling women to send their friends to him.. he’ll fix their broken hearts.. all of them. He’s busy 24 hours a day! Sheesh! We are talking stamina and vitality.

That’s the thing about songwriting..  you can write a song that is non-virtuous and totally fictional, and create an image that is somehow appealing.

When i wrote “Make You Feel” I wanted to write about the same guy! I’m happy with how it turned out. This is an acoustic rendition but we love doing it as a band as well. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © Matthew Moran – 2007 (this recording 2013)


About Reaper

Reaper, in case you don’t know, is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).. aka: recording software. It is basically like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, and others. They provide a free download eval copy that NEVER runs out.. But, if you are going to use it, pay for it. It cost either $60 or about $300 depending on whether you are a full-blown studio or an individual or non-profit.

It accepts every plug-in I’ve thrown at it and has great instructions – both a downloadable PDF and online community.

Happy Love Songs – yes I can do that

Okay.. ignore the fact that week 1 of my new schedule, I did not adhere to my new schedule. I could blame my trip to Arizona seeing my 3 older kids (see pics below the lyrics). And I could blame returning home on Monday and being exhausted. Add to that, client work that I’m behind on… and and and and and….

Note: Those are just excuses.. they are not reasons. Reason: I did not focus and put the my energy in the right place!

We’ll remedy that this coming week – I promise!

I’ve been challenged!!!

In the meantime, a few weeks ago I was chatting online with my friend Kim. She commented that I needed to write more happy love songs. While I believe she may be forgetting my songs, Morning Girl, All I Want is Everything, She’s a Little Bit of Everything, Lady Love, and others, I took her words as a direct challenge.

Oh yeah.. I’m both competitive and ornery when cornered.. Happy Love Songs! Damn straight I can do that!

I wrote this a couple days later. Yesterday morning I decided to make a quick video of me performing it… (note: that was during podcast recording time.. oops).

Diana and Me (lyrics below)
Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

Oh Diana your still sleeping girl
I got sweet reflections on my mind
It’s more than the moments in the night we share
Our hearts and souls surely combine

I thought I’d been in love before
But it was only passing time
I only see, Diana and me, side by side her hand in mine
And that’s so fine

I know that this has all been said before
The poets and the singers and the rhyme
But I’d like to try my hand and add just one more
And girl you know these words I sing are mine

And when I feel your arms around me at night
I know you see the same thing too

My trip to Arizona

I visited my 3 oldest.. starting with a honky tonk on Friday, the river on Saturday, cliff jumping on Sunday, and then a mad dash home. Here is a video of my oldest cliff jumping at Slide Rock and some photos.

Of Ragamuffins, Daughters, and Being Offensive

A person, typically a child, in ragged, dirty clothes.

“Ain’t it a blessing to do what you wanna do”
– Shawn Mullins, Twin Rocks Oregon
“Someday You’ll wake up and you’ll be asking yourself why you sat there at your desk, sucking on a corporate breast, you turned out like the rest.”
– Shawn Mullins, Something To Believe In

It’s all related.. I promise. Well, loosely in any case.

Brennan Manning – “The Ragamuffin Gospel” – died last month. My two oldest children closely associate with being ragamuffins.. in a spiritual sense.. along with Rich Mullins. I consider Rich to my favorite songwriter.. IMPORTANT: not my favorite Christian songwriter.. most Christian music bores me.. He is my favorite songwriter because of his songwriting.

The oldest girl is visiting me right now – tag-teaming with her younger sister (aka: “the girl”) by controlling the radio and TV and ensuring Dad is both put in his place and is frequently serving them. I’m okay with that.

I’ve been talking with the older of the two about life and her plans – which are forming as we speak – literally. She mentioned a conversation with #1 – my oldest – who is working to head back to bible college.

Apparently, they were discussing the relative safety and conservative nature of some within the church and at the bible college he’ll be attending… and how they might react to the somewhat nomadic/gypsy and ragamuffin nature of my son.

He then said what I might consider one of the more interesting, poignant, and quotable comments I’ve ever heard.

“It’s going to be refreshing and offensive!”

That’s good!

And he doesn’t mean offensive in terms of salty language or disgusting behavior – although such things could happen. He means something more dramatic… raw transparency.. He means letting down the veil of decency that we all hide behind at times… much of the time…. MOST OF THE TIME… and pushing into a more raw and open dialogue and understanding.

Such conversation necessarily tramples the, “How are you doing? Good. And the kids? Wonderful – they grow up so fast don’t they. Nice weather we are having,” droning that we often take part in.

Those can be uncomfortable and even painful conversations. But my kids have those conversations with each other – and with me sometimes. I’m thankful for that.

And it prompts other conversations..  I seemed to have instilled somewhere in my kids a pretty solid, “F— the establishment! I’m doing what I want to,” perspective. They are still pulled – as am I – by society’s nagging, “this is how life is to be done,” call. Go to school. Get a good job. Climb that ladder (the corporate breast) and smile for the camera.

Mind you.. there is nothing wrong with climbing the corporate ladder per se. The challenge I’ve found is that for many, they are taking part in life with a, “I’ll do this until I figure out what I want to do,” attitude. In many cases, they never get raw enough with themselves or others to answer the question, “what do I want to do?”

Also, I don’t believe, and I hope I am not teaching a, “F— the establishment!” for F—ing’s sake. That’s foolishness and dangerous.

I spoke to my younger daughter’s classroom last week. I LOVED IT! Middle-school is all energy, confusion, and feigned certainty. My advice ran something like this.

  1. There are no rules!
  2. You can change what you are doing at any point in life and pursue something else.
  3. The most important thing about school is NOT getting a degree. It is loving to learn new things!
  4. If you know what you want to do.. pursue it. If you don’t, do lots of things so you can figure that out.
  5. And what you want to do might change.. don’t stifle that. See #2.

But after all is said and done.. perhaps my son has it right.

Be refreshing and offensive! At least with yourself, those you love, and those who love you. You might find that you, in fact, have something to believe in.

The Band is getting out on the town – upcoming performances

About time.. right?

The details are below.. Plus.. you can share the image to the left of the date and help us get the word out.. Or join the Facebook page and do the same thing..

2013-04-13-Stovepippers-5X5Saturday, April 13th, 9PM, Northridge, CA
Facebook event page
Stovepipers Lounge
19563 Parthenia St (map).
Northridge, CA 91324


2013-04-21-PoppyFestival-5X5Sunday, April 21st, 4PM, Lancaster, CA
Facebook event page
The California Poppy Festival (Lancaster Park)
43063 10th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93534