Recap: A Roadmap for Online Presence and Digital Promotion for Songwriters

On Sunday, I presented to Songsalive!’s LA chapter. The topic title: Online Presence & Promotion for Songwriters & Other Creatives covered a broad strategy for taking your songwriting/music seriously and for creating a more business-like approach to what you do.   And the truth is, most of the advice applies broadly to any business or […]

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My Songwriter Press Kit

I updated my press kit this week… well, my songwriter press kit. One of the challenges of my varied pursuits, is whether I should have a single press/information sheet or multiple one-sheets. I’m scheduling some house concerts and small venue shows over the next few months – plus starting rehearsals with the band for shows […]

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Songwriters and bands should NOT pay to play in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles and other cities, bands and songwriters often pay venues to play 30-40 minute sets of music. This practice, preying on the hope and desperation of an artist trying to build a following is called pay-to-play. I’m going to explain pay-to-play, why it happens (the reasons artists do it), and why it is […]

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One Night – the story behind the song… or using Google Maps for inspiration

A short-narrative about writing my song, One Night. The song is available as an individual download or as part of “Where I Belong” – a collection of songs you can get here. I explain writing the song here or you can read about it. The song itself and the lyrics can be found below.

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How to Use Google Drive to Record With Musicians Across The Internet

SUMMARY/ABSTRACT: This article explains how to use Google Drive (cloud computing baby) to coordinate and organize recordings (musical collaboration) with other musician across the Internet. Remote Collaboration For Musicians Do you have an interest in collaborating with other musicians? I talk to a lot of artist who want to do just that. This tutorial explains […]

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Is Reverbnation a good social networking site for musicians?

NOTE: This post got a little lengthy. However, it covers some important ground so grab a coffee, tea, beer, wine, or water and cozy up.. The quick answer, No! It’s primarily a waste of time. But there is more to the story and it involves the why’s and what’s of social media, making music, and […]

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