How to Use Google Drive to Record With Musicians Across The Internet

This article explains how to use Google Drive (cloud computing baby) to coordinate and organize recordings (musical collaboration) with other musician across the Internet.

Remote Collaboration For Musicians

Do you have an interest in collaborating with other musicians? I talk to a lot of artist who want to do just that. This tutorial explains the collaboration process and provides instructions on how to effectively accomplish this with Google Drive. Continue Reading →

I wanna see my face on the cover

Not the cover of the Rolling Stone.. But magazine.

I’ve been featured, along with my friend, Clara Bellino, and Lunar Rogue.

Check out the magazine and article here.
matthew moran


I Want To Be Fearless Again

I originally posted this on but it makes sense to have it here. It is about writing… and performing… and parenting… and entrepreneurship… It is about overcoming fear!
overcoming fear

When writing was easy

The truth is, writing is pretty easy for me…. but I’m afraid, too.

My path to professional writer

It started out fearless!

I’ve been blessed with a gift. It’s been that way since I was young. I had teachers cultivate that in elementary school, Jr. High (Middle School), and High School.

Then, after high school, I mostly stopped writing. I allowed my time to be consumed with forwarding my career as a technologist and then my consulting…. and with my family.

I was mostly content… mostly.. and busy… very busy!

I’d done some writing as part of my career and my consulting — white papers and technical pieces. I’d also written a few poems and essays — for personal consumption and a few friends. Some of those resulted in people suggesting I write something professionally.

I must give credit where credit is due. My ex-wife suggested repeatedly that I read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. She knew how much I love his writing.

She bought it for me and put it on my desk. I put it on the shelf! It took me awhile to finally get to it… too long. I’m stubborn, lazy, etc. Whatever!

I read it and it actually changed my life. Or, perhaps more accurately, prompted me to change my life. Either way, a special thanks to her and to Mr. King.

Then, one day, while writing a note to a friend who was asking for career advice, I realized that my somewhat lengthy and attitude driven response to his questions would make an interesting and fun article.

I formalized it, sent it to a computer magazine, and two weeks later was contacted by the editor. He told me they had 3 magazines and that they loved the piece. They were dumping their lead/cover article and using mine in all three magazines. Yes!!!! Double-fist pump!!

I was paid for that article and they asked me to write a monthly column! I was a professional writer. I was an author.

From Blogger to Book

I immediately jumped into blogging, setting up my first blog at I wrote essay-type pieces, political parody, life reflections, humorous news commentary, and career advice. I wrote whatever I wanted.

Many of those pieces were funny, irreverent, and inappropriate. They were so fun to write! Tangential and weird . (Vegas Bound & My Head in a Pickle Jardon’t ask) I was completely unconcerned with who read what I wrote and their reaction to it. Agree, disagree, think I was a jerk, or weird, or funny.. it was all good.

Ultimately, my articles led to my first book deal and a relationship with a major publisher. Yay me!! (and special thanks and thoughts to my editor whom I LOVE!)

I spoke at events. I was offered additional publishing deals. I was a subject- matter expert!

And then I became fearful!!!!

It was more than my divorce and family turmoil! It was more than the flood that destroyed my home and belongings! In fact, those weren’t it at all.

It was an insidious question that entered my mind!

What if?

What if I offend someone?

What if that business organization reads my political parody or strange reflections on life and parenting or snide news story analysis, and does not want to hire me?

What if my publisher reads a piece where I say a naughty phrase like, “fuck that!” or talk about sex or respond with sarcasm to a reader or blog comment?

What if I lose readers?

Suddenly, “what if?” and what I might theoretically lose became a filter. A rather large and difficult filter to get past.

I hate that fucking filter!!! I hate how fearful I’ve become. It’s not me! It is crippling!

This past year I’ve become a little braver. I’ve become braver because I am watching a few people who help make me brave!

People who make me brave!

My oldest daughter and her blog. It seems she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. In fact, all my kids are unconventional and spend much of their time giving the world the finger and passionately advocating their cause of choice. A bunch of hippy activists! I’m proud of that.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Ze Frank

And my readers, mentors, coaches, and those I coach! They tell me to write what I want to write when I want to write it. They tell me to “be real!”

But often, I’m still afraid. And that’s fucked up!

What about you?

Valentine’s Day – a song for the broken hearted

Last Friday I was chatting with someone. They challenged me to quickly write a Valentine’s Day song. And so I offer the song below.

The challenge came at about 5:45am. At 6:40 I sent them the lyrics minus the bridge. I added the bridge at lunch. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ve included the lyrics below the video.

Valentine’s Day

Copyright © 2014 – Matthew Moran

Playing a show on Valentine’s Day
Watching the lovers throw their hard earned cash away
They can’t know what I know
That love it comes and love it surely goes

Whoa sweet music capture me
If I give it all to you, will you take it all away
I don’t need relief and I don’t need to be okay
Just help me hide the truth about love, on this Valentine’s day

She said, “I’m leaving, you’ll never change”
And I must admit she’s right cuz I still feel the same
I still believe in love and I she still haunts dreams
But somewhere along the way we forgot what forever means

Do you know what you did to me?
I can’t see straight and I can’t look away
But I’m not seeking an apology
Just a place to hide my heart… on this Valentine’s Day

Thank you Pete Seeger for teaching me guitar

The Red Book by Pete SeegerMy father was a banjo player. He had a book titled, “How To Play the 5-String Banjo” by Pete Seeger. Known as “The Red Book” – even after it came out as a green and blue cover.

In that book was a page of several songs that required 3 chords.

C, F, & G7. Those who play will recognize, the 1, 4, 5 progression – basically, I was learning everything I needed to know to become a rock star!

My First Guitar

We also had a beautiful Guild classical guitar. I still have the guitar.
The Guild Classical I first played

And a Mel Bay book of chords. From the Mel Bay book of chords, I learned to tune the guitar and learned those 3 chords… The “F” chord being the most challenging even in it’s 4 string version.. Anyone remember that first bar chord?

The first song I learned was the Crawdad song (“You Get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey.”). Yesterday, when I discovered the passing of Pete Seeger, I recorded this short video tribute and thank you. Enjoy!

I’m Here – a sweet love song

I'm Here  - a song by Matthew Moran

No really! It is! Simple, sweet, pretty. Well.. I think so.. and some early reviewers do as well. I hope (and believe) you will as well.

The recording, as published here, is a work in progress. This means that I’m going to be overwriting the file as I add violin, backing vocals, additional guitar, and possibly some keys. The goal is keep it simple but add some color. Updates to any of the free downloadable songs will be mentioned in the newsletter, via twitter, and on Facebook. So.. join me in those places.

It’s a song that will be part of a songwriting project I started last year titled, “Conquering Athena.”

Conquering Athena

I’ll write more about this project. I haven’t really written about it; just alluded to it from time to time.

Athena is the greek godess of just war, courage, culture, and a myriad of other noble concepts.

Conquering Athena is an ode to strong women who, when provided a safe place to do so, allow themselves to be conquered; a sweet acquiescence to the privilege of their heart.

“I cannot contain you but at your command
I’ll part the rivers of heaven, take your soul in my hand.”
- from Conquering Athena – Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I’ll write more about that project soon – but for now, enjoy this song and let me know what you think.

Play the song using the player below or download the mp3 file here.

I’m Here

Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I want to kiss you in the moonlight
So cliche but so brand new
I want to feel your body tremble at my touch
And feel my body next to you

I’m not much more than simple man
With a loving heart and gentle hand
But baby if you need that… I’m here

Let me escape into your prison
Bound in sweet captivity
& find my way into your loving arms
your loving arms will set me free

Somewhere North up in Montana
A cabin lit against the chill
I swear I can hear her calling out to me
If I can get to her I will

Wishes, Wants, and Needs

I was going through some old photos and found this picture that my older daughter took one day while we were on walk near my house.
I want more than 9 to 5

I love the sentiment. I’m not a big fan of graffiti, although, it is on a dumpster and is NOT gang related, so… I’m okay with it. Plus it gave me a blog topic. WIN!

I Wish, I Want! I Need, I Got!

I heard this phrase years ago from a motivational speaker. The idea is that if we “wish” we had something or could do something (I wish I was a writer.), we’ll always want it. On the other hand, if we make that “wish” a need (I need to be a writer), we’ll make it happen.

I don’t agree. That is far too simple!

There are all sorts of things people “need” that they do NOT go after with the focus necessary to achieve them. And there are plenty of “wants” we make happen that are clearly not needs.

I know many people who want things… wanna be I.T. professionals I’ve met through my book, wanna be performing musicians, wanna-be consultants and wanna be authors. But they are not those things.

The difference between the “wanna-be’s” and the “be’s” is sort of simple.. It’s the “being”. It’s the work.

There are a LOT of people who want more than 9-5. – but are not willing to put in the work needed. Incidentally, if you want more than 9-5, you are going to “be” more than 9-5. What I mean is that it is going to require more than 9-5 to get more than 9-5.

Especially initially. Unless you are a trust fund baby (if you are, contact me please, I have  wants too), you are likely going to have to work – sort of like a regular Joe – an everyday job to pay the bills, while simultaneously and in your “extra” time, putting the things into place that allow you to get that want or be that thing.

For instance, if you want to be a writer – you are going to have your regular job, paying your bills, and then, mornings/evenings, you are going to write.

As I wrote many years ago in my blog entry – A writer defined, “The Noun is wrapped up In the verb.” In order to be the thing (the noun), you must do the thing (the verb) that the thing (the noun) does.

  • Writers write!
  • Performing songwriters write songs and perform them!
  • Consultants consult!
  • I.T. Professionals learn and put technology into place!
  • People who want more than 9-5, put in more than 9-5.

What is stopping you?

I’ll give you a short-list of things I see that stop people from doing the work that turns “wanna-be” into “be.”


This one always gets me. “I don’t have enough time in my day.” And then, in speaking to them, they’ve watched an entire season of “Breaking Bad” or “The Sopranos” or “The Dome” or whatever! Football, baseball, hockey, dancing with the stars, etc. Hey, I like Justified! I’ve seen most of season #1 and some of season #2… some.

Sports teams/fantasy football, etc.

I’m talking playing on a team or spending hours each week on your fantasy football. Hey, I get it. But I don’t really. At least not until you’ve done enough time-slicing and allocation of effort to put things into place. Don’t tell me, for instance, about your great book/story idea that you just cannot get to because you are too busy – and then tell me about your various sporting activities – watching or playing.

Time-sucking friends

There are friends who are more than willing to steal your time. They will even tell you that you can do whatever it is later. Stop hanging out with them. The real friend is going to say, “Why don’t we get together at the end of the week AFTER you’ve done X work towards what you want to be.”

If they say, “You can do that later. Come out with us tonight.”BEWARE!!!! Or don’t complain that your “wanna be” is still just that..

This image was posted on Facebook recently. I re-posted it because it made me laugh. It’s true not just for writers but for anyone who wants to turn their wanna-be’s into be’s.
the muse writers really need

Inspiration is NOT your problem. Perspiration is… ie: DO THE WORK!!

The noun is wrapped up in the verb!

Something Like Love and Everything Like Beautiful

A Love Song and A Project

the story behind the song, Something Like LoveLove songs are a funny thing. I’m always asked what the background is – the inspiration and personal connection to every love song I wrote. Each and every song really. But with long songs I get a sly, “Who is this about?” (with a nudge and a wink). Perhaps it is the listener’s longing for the intensity that is suggested in the song; or, even better, a personal connection to that intensity found in their own life.

Not every love song is autobiographical – although you may be calling upon an emotion you’ve experienced in some other way and translating to the story in the song.

When an emotion strikes you bysurprise and you aren’t able to (or willing to) give it its proper place, then it might be “Something Like Love.” Is it autobiographical? Well.. that is the mystery isn’t it?

This song is part of a bigger project I’m working on. I’ll be making an announcement about that in the near future.


Something Like Love & Everything Like Beautiful
(stream below or download here)

To download, right-mouse click the link above and choose “Save link as”.

Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

She came roaming into L.A.
on the first flight they could get her on

Took 5 years to finally meet her
when I turned around my heart was gone

Something like love, this don’t seem real
Something like love, got a hold of me
Something like love
Yeah something like it and everything like beautiful

4:30 in the morning and she nudges me to wake me up
Whispers, “baby baby baby entertain with that gentle touch”

Midnight or morning light, hold that girl yeah hold her tight
Boy you know that clock’s not on your side

A soft kiss lingers then she’s on a plane and headed home
And in my head spinning something like it or something more

Proud to be an American? Why yes, I am

I wproud to be an americanas doing my morning skimming of when I happened upon this article.

71% of Americans believe the Founding Fathers would be disappointed with the country.

The article also shows that 81% of Americans are “proud to be American.”

The Founding Fathers

I certainly believe the founding fathers would have some things that disappointed them.. but not all of those things are because of a decline in the state of American life. For instance, many of the founding fathers might well be disappointed in the abolition of slavery. And certainly, women’s rights for many founding fathers would be equally problematic.

Of course, my favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin, slave owner turned abolitionist leader, was more willing to analyze his own positions and modify them based on new information and understanding. I think he’d be okay with women having the right to vote… (as dangerous as that sounds) *running and hiding

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being critical of the founding fathers. Personally, what they did – their belief in individual liberties and their willingness to put their livelihood and lives on the line is truly noble. Remarkable in fact.

It is easy, in the hindsight of history, to say “I would never have..” – and for the most part, you are wrong! Sorry. Most of us aren’t so wonderful as we’d like to believe. Certainly not as brave as we’d want to believe. You likely do things now that others, down the road, will similarly criticize.

My thought, when I read the article, was that some founding fathers would be disappointed, some might night, but in the end, does that matter?

Our Founding Fathers were not perfect! They were men. Some drank too much. Some were womanizers (Ben – you rascal you). Some were bigots. Etc. They also didn’t agree with each other – much like today! In fact, disagreements were so severe some erupted into violence. Can you imagine duels between members of congress?!
(hint: if you want to raise money to offset the sequester, congressional cage fight pay-per-view might do it.)

Three Big Disappointments

If I were to identify the two big disappointments that the Founding Fathers would notice as much as anything, they would be these.

  1. Training in classical thought. Philosophers from Rome and Greece played a major part in the thinking and debate that formed our country. I think as a citizenry, we would do well to cover those lessons in school. And I am as guilty of ignorance here as anyone.
  2. A more entrepreneurial mindset/skillset. Most of the founding fathers and a good part of the country did not have jobs in a traditional sense. Mind you, things have changed and that is unavoidable in many ways. However, the idea of self-governance being wrapped in individual responsibility (our rights required our active participation) is a good one. More time in schools should be spent speaking about being an entrepreneur and why that is a noble pursuit.
  3. Professional politicians. Yeah.. this is a big one. Most of the founding fathers had businesses they continued to run while in office. The idea of a “professional” lifetime politician making his money purely from his political pursuits is relatively new. Also, military service of some type was the norm for most of our early politicians and founding fathers. Now, it is more likely that they passed the bar and started running for office.. or something similar.

I guess what I am saying is that if the founding fathers would be disappointed, my response is, “So what.” Times have changed. It is interesting to discuss what might have disappointed them and more importantly why. And then determine, what of their original ideas are still relevant and important.

Proud to be an American

I’m proud to be an American. Not because America is perfect… but because she isn’t… but our system of government allows us to make changes – positive and negative. This means that you can be proud but also take the responsibility of being active and proactive in changing the bad and accentuating the good.

And by the way, if you are proud to be a Canadian or an Englishmen, or an Iranian or a Zairian, (what are those from Zaire called?) etc. that’s great too. Be proud! Don’t be blind and proud. Be proud and proactive.

The Story Behind The Song – Make You Feel

Occasionally, I discuss how a certain song comes about or songwriting in general. I do it when I play all the time. Every song has a story, doesn’t it? I was asked to do this on my blog more often.. And because I am so compliant ;-) I’ll oblige that request.

A quick note about home recording

Matt Moran discusses his songwritingI’ve been playing around with Reaper lately. Both to get some acoustic demos recorded for the band and also to have an acoustic CD for those coffeehouse gigs. See About Reaper Below.

Make You Feel – the song

I used to announce this song by talking about James Taylor’s song, Handy Man. That was until my guitarist at the time, Elliot, pointed out that Mr. Taylor didn’t write that song. It was written by Jimmy Jones and Otis Blackwell. I modified my intro to “made popular by James Taylor.”

The song is sort of funny.. Women find it sexy (hell, I find it sexy) but when you really break it down, it is about a schmuck telling women to send their friends to him.. he’ll fix their broken hearts.. all of them. He’s busy 24 hours a day! Sheesh! We are talking stamina and vitality.

That’s the thing about songwriting..  you can write a song that is non-virtuous and totally fictional, and create an image that is somehow appealing.

When i wrote “Make You Feel” I wanted to write about the same guy! I’m happy with how it turned out. This is an acoustic rendition but we love doing it as a band as well. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright © Matthew Moran – 2007 (this recording 2013)


About Reaper

Reaper, in case you don’t know, is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).. aka: recording software. It is basically like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, and others. They provide a free download eval copy that NEVER runs out.. But, if you are going to use it, pay for it. It cost either $60 or about $300 depending on whether you are a full-blown studio or an individual or non-profit.

It accepts every plug-in I’ve thrown at it and has great instructions – both a downloadable PDF and online community.