Facebook Live Streaming – S is for Song

Live streaming a few songs

As part of my annoyance with holding back on live video and a number of other goals, I am doing more live streams on Facebook. To date, they’ve been me in the hills with my dogs and playing music.

I’ve been launching them from my Facebook profile but realized that I could launch them from my professional Facebook page and share them on my regular profile. This seems like an exposure win – though, I’m unsure.

I’ve embedded my most recent stream below.

I called it, “S is for Song” – which I may just keep using or may not..

The Facebook live front-facing camera problem

AKA: I’m not left-handed and all my books and CD are NOT printed backwards.. I promise.

There seems to be a problem with live video streamed from front-facing cameras. To date, no solution for my Android Galaxy S7. But I can see how I am framed and I don’t want to give that up.

There are also competing views on who needs to fix this. I’d sort of like the option on Facebook to do it.. provide a mirror option. If there are some camera manufacturers who don’t have this problem, and some that do, the problem is solved in the app regardless of the phone.

VLOG #3 – tech tool edition. Google Keep for cloud-based, share-able/collaborative notes and list

We didn’t do a post for vlog #2 – about being annoyed, so watch that here.

Google Apps are Amazing


“Google is abysmal at being amazing!”

So few gmail users know the myriad of apps they have access to. Google has done a horrible job of showing what’s available and how to best use them.

Google Keep: notes, list, and more.

My cousin asked me if I used Google Keep. My answer, absolutely. I found Evernote – for basic lists – to be too much. Plus, wherever possible, I want to keep my apps and utilities under a single account.

Why I LOVE Google Keep

  • Cross-platform: PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.
  • Simple list and notes – easy to use immediately. No learning curve.
  • Location (geo) reminders – bring up a reminder when I reach a destination, city, etc.
  • Share-able – collaborate in real-time with other gmail users.
    This is the single-most powerful and under-utilized feature of most Google Apps.
  • And more…

Google Keep Video

For my vlog #3, I show why and how I use Google Keep

Matthew Moran’s VLOG #1 – The dogs, Griffith Observatory, climbing and a fall

I’ve been challenges… and challenged again.. and re-challenged to create my vlog for.. oh.. I don’t know.. 7 years.

The focus of the vlog is: life, songwriting, tech, hiking, dogs, life, and everyday adventures.

VLOG #1: climbing plus

Griffith Park Observatory, the dogs, and climbing

Songwriting tips plus dissecting a song line by line

Videocast: Throw Away The Box #3

It took me until Friday afternoon to publish my Thursday morning update. Don’t ask… well…

I cover songwriting tips, including:

  • My thoughts on critique groups
  • How I find the right lyric
  • Avoiding easy or obvious rhymes
  • Writing the last line first
  • and more..

Finally,¬†I dissect my song, “Do It Again” – line by line. In a separate video, I perform the song straight through and will publish that separately.

In case you didn’t pick up on this, I’d like you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks. ūüėČ

My exercise in productivity and hacking your focus – Throw Away The Box #2

How to be as productive as possible

Well.. I’m doing some exercises in productivity and focus. I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast. He discusses 5 rituals¬†he does to “win” his day.

Tim’s 5 things

  1. Make his bed
  2. Meditate
  3. Hang
  4. Tea
  5. Journal

My things (less quantified)

  • Make my bed
  • Clear my coffee space
  • Exercise
  • Log out of social on mobile
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Close browser windows

I discuss it and more here (and below). Including music at the Westminister Sam Ash Music. The Songsalive! showcase. See my calendar.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNoW11F5rbY]

Fear of getting started and procrastination. Throw Away The Box #1

What are you afraid of Matt?

Plenty, it turns out. I’m not afraid of snakes or sharks. I am a bit skittish of spiders and cockroaches.

I’m probably most afraid of exposing my creative/artistic pursuits. This surprises people as I speak publicly, perform my music, write articles and blogs.. But, I’ve been talking about a videocast for years. In fact, I’ve started, stopped, shot video, deleted it, etc. since 2005 I’d guess.

To that end, I woke up this morning, frustrated at myself.. pissed really. I’d scheduled doing this video the day prior but I got “busy”. And by busy, I mean, I procrastinated and did anything that would preclude me creating this video. And so, I sat down, shot it, did a quick edit, threw caution to the wind, and published it. Plus, committed to two updates per week. Mondays and Thursdays.

You should subscribe at YouTube! It’s good for the soul! And let me know what you are afraid of and how you are going to move past that.

A sad and sweet Valentine's Day song

Valentine’s Day – a song for the broken hearted

Last Friday I was chatting with someone. They challenged me to quickly write a Valentine’s Day song. And so I offer the song below.

The challenge came at about 5:45am. At 6:40 I sent them the lyrics minus the bridge. I added the bridge at lunch. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ve included the lyrics below the video.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFMCavpIFQY]

Valentine’s Day

Copyright © 2014 РMatthew Moran

Playing a show on Valentine’s Day
Watching the lovers throw their hard earned cash away
They can’t know what I know
That love it comes and love it surely goes

Whoa sweet music capture me
If I give it all to you, will you take it all away
I don’t need relief and I don’t need to be okay
Just help me hide the truth about love, on this Valentine’s day

She said, “I’m leaving, you’ll never change”
And I must admit she’s right cuz I still feel the same
I still believe in love and I she still haunts dreams
But somewhere along the way we forgot what forever means

Do you know what you did to me?
I can’t see straight and I can’t look away
But I’m not seeking an apology
Just a place to hide my heart… on this Valentine’s Day

The Red Book by Pete Seeger

Thank you Pete Seeger for teaching me guitar

The Red Book by Pete SeegerMy father was a banjo player. He had a book titled, “How To Play the 5-String Banjo” by Pete Seeger. Known as “The Red Book” – even after it came out as a green and blue cover.

In that book was a page of several songs that required 3 chords.

C, F, & G7. Those who play will recognize, the 1, 4, 5 progression – basically, I was learning everything I needed to know to become a rock star!

My First Guitar

We also had a beautiful Guild classical guitar. I still have the guitar.
The Guild Classical I first played

And a Mel Bay book of chords. From the Mel Bay book of chords, I learned to tune the guitar and learned those 3 chords… The “F” chord being the most challenging even in it’s 4 string version.. Anyone remember that first bar chord?

The first song I learned was the Crawdad song (“You Get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey.”). Yesterday, when I discovered the passing of Pete Seeger, I recorded this short video tribute and thank you. Enjoy!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4RDArG1R1g]

What Tomatoes Can Teach Us About Encouragement

I was inspired to start a garden after visiting my daughter in Phoenix and I talk about it here.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3cDvxCmfd8]

I mention Ron Finley’s TED Talk about turning food deserts into food gardens. Worth watching for sure. And my daughter writes about Hope House Farms and why she needs the farm more than it needs her.

Takeaway ideas.

  1. Get Gangsta with your shovel
  2. Unwilt someone today. It unwilts you in the process.
  3. I’m giving away FREE BOOKS and FREE MUSIC.


My book gets some reviews.. both bad and good, plus other stuff

There is a danger in reading book reviews…. well.. specifically, my own book’s review.

In this video I talk about a bad review, a good review, my content schedule, and some t-shirts for my song, This Star-Spangled Life of Mine.

Per the video.. my content schedule is (for now):

  • Monday: Video update (what’s coming up this week plus anything else)
  • Tuesday: Tech Tip Tuesday or Tech & Tips Tuesday
    I might cover more than simply technology.. but something useful.
  • Wednesday: The I.T. Career Toolkit Podcast
  • Friday: Friday Recap
    Things I’ve seen, read, done, or thought about this week.