If Mom Were President – a poem for Mother’s Day (and more)

This is for those who are moms, have moms, or have ever had a mom… or know a mom… the rest of you do not need to read it. 😉 Oh.. if you like it, please share it with your friends. If you don’t like it, share it with your enemies.

© Copyright 2006 – Matthew Moran

If Mom Were President
She’d set things straight
She would battle for causes just
She’d teach the whole country how to share
She’d restore the public’s trust

She would give every enemy a time-out in the corner
Until they saw how they’d been at fault
She’d balance the budget with change left to spare
For an ice cream cone or a malt

And Congress she would make write 100 times
“I shall not take money and lie.”
Then send them to bed without any supper
Perhaps a cookie or two when they cry

And all hungry children she would feed
Peanut butter and milk cuz she knows what kids need
She would easily win two terms in a row
And then be elected as king

And she would kiss little babies not for camera
But because that’s what babies are for
Her cabinet would be a place to store snacks
And gifts she had picked up at the store

And nations at war she’d not tolerate
Because the pain and the damage they bring
She’d disarm the foes
Trade a knife for a rose
Saying “you’ll poke an eye out with that thing.”

Yes, If Mom were President I do believe
There would be lots of changes we’d see
Our national treasure would be our children
Hugs and kisses our GNP.


About this poem – a note from the author

Back in the early 1990’s I wrote this poem for Mother’s Day one year. I put it on a card for my mom and for my wife at the time. Years later, a rough out was done on a children’s book concept – and I actually was awarded a book deal. That floundered after the “Flood of ‘07”. It has been half-revived a few times. I’d still like to see it done.

I’ve been told to start a Kickstarter campaign or something similar to get this project funded and self-published. My schedule hasn’t allowed for this – or, more accurately, I have not properly allocated my time. But I do feel the project has merit and hope to undertake it. If you want to help this happen or know someone who can, message me.


Songwriting tips plus dissecting a song line by line

Videocast: Throw Away The Box #3

It took me until Friday afternoon to publish my Thursday morning update. Don’t ask… well…

I cover songwriting tips, including:

  • My thoughts on critique groups
  • How I find the right lyric
  • Avoiding easy or obvious rhymes
  • Writing the last line first
  • and more..

Finally, I dissect my song, “Do It Again” – line by line. In a separate video, I perform the song straight through and will publish that separately.

In case you didn’t pick up on this, I’d like you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks. 😉

Moby's Coffee & Tea

Sleeping at the coffeehouse

This makes me chuckle to think about.

I love coffee! I love naps! I like making people laugh. In fact, I like falling asleep to the ambient noise of people talking. This story involves all of it.

Yesterday, I was meeting a friend for a comedy show in Hollywood. Her business is in North Hollywood-ish and we were driving together. So I drove over early and found a coffeehouse on Cahuenga… Moby’s Coffee & Tea.

It’s a cool & casual place. I’d never noticed it before. I grabbed a decaf latte and got to work. Continue reading

overcoming fear

I Want To Be Fearless Again

I originally posted this on medium.com but it makes sense to have it here. It is about writing… and performing… and parenting… and entrepreneurship… It is about overcoming fear!

When writing was easy

The truth is, writing is pretty easy for me…. but I’m afraid, too.

My path to professional writer

It started out fearless!

I’ve been blessed with a gift. It’s been that way since I was young. I had teachers cultivate that in elementary school, Jr. High (Middle School), and High School.Continue reading


The many things I don’t do well

I coach people and I do it well. I guess I am known as a bit of a hard-ass. I don’t coddle my clients and I do NOT tolerate inactivity or poor effort!

And apparently, I have a pretty strong leadership quotient. That’s a fancy way of saying that I often am asked to – or end up – leading projects and people due to force of personality and decisiveness.

However, a bi-product of dispensing with advice that is clearly in my wheelhouse – playing to my strengths – is that readers and those I coach get the impression that I do everything well; that I never feel down or depressed, anxious, fearful, lack confidence, get angry, or deal with frustration – at myself and others.Continue reading

I want more than 9 to 5

Wishes, Wants, and Needs

I was going through some old photos and found this picture that my older daughter took one day while we were on walk near my house.
I want more than 9 to 5

I love the sentiment. I’m not a big fan of graffiti, although, it is on a dumpster and is NOT gang related, so… I’m okay with it. Plus it gave me a blog topic. WIN!

I Wish, I Want! I Need, I Got!

I heard this phrase years ago from a motivational speaker. The idea is that if we “wish” we had something or could do something (I wish I was a writer.), we’ll always want it. On the other hand, if we make that “wish” a need (I need to be a writer), we’ll make it happen.

I don’t agree. That is far too simple!

There are all sorts of things people “need” that they do NOT go after with the focus necessary to achieve them. And there are plenty of “wants” we make happen that are clearly not needs.

I know many people who want things… wanna be I.T. professionals I’ve met through my book, wanna be performing musicians, wanna-be consultants and wanna be authors. But they are not those things.

The difference between the “wanna-be’s” and the “be’s” is sort of simple.. It’s the “being”. It’s the work.

There are a LOT of people who want more than 9-5. – but are not willing to put in the work needed. Incidentally, if you want more than 9-5, you are going to “be” more than 9-5. What I mean is that it is going to require more than 9-5 to get more than 9-5.

Especially initially. Unless you are a trust fund baby (if you are, contact me please, I have  wants too), you are likely going to have to work – sort of like a regular Joe – an everyday job to pay the bills, while simultaneously and in your “extra” time, putting the things into place that allow you to get that want or be that thing.

For instance, if you want to be a writer – you are going to have your regular job, paying your bills, and then, mornings/evenings, you are going to write.

As I wrote many years ago in my blog entry – A writer defined, “The Noun is wrapped up In the verb.” In order to be the thing (the noun), you must do the thing (the verb) that the thing (the noun) does.

  • Writers write!
  • Performing songwriters write songs and perform them!
  • Consultants consult!
  • I.T. Professionals learn and put technology into place!
  • People who want more than 9-5, put in more than 9-5.

What is stopping you?

I’ll give you a short-list of things I see that stop people from doing the work that turns “wanna-be” into “be.”


This one always gets me. “I don’t have enough time in my day.” And then, in speaking to them, they’ve watched an entire season of “Breaking Bad” or “The Sopranos” or “The Dome” or whatever! Football, baseball, hockey, dancing with the stars, etc. Hey, I like Justified! I’ve seen most of season #1 and some of season #2… some.

Sports teams/fantasy football, etc.

I’m talking playing on a team or spending hours each week on your fantasy football. Hey, I get it. But I don’t really. At least not until you’ve done enough time-slicing and allocation of effort to put things into place. Don’t tell me, for instance, about your great book/story idea that you just cannot get to because you are too busy – and then tell me about your various sporting activities – watching or playing.

Time-sucking friends

There are friends who are more than willing to steal your time. They will even tell you that you can do whatever it is later. Stop hanging out with them. The real friend is going to say, “Why don’t we get together at the end of the week AFTER you’ve done X work towards what you want to be.”

If they say, “You can do that later. Come out with us tonight.”BEWARE!!!! Or don’t complain that your “wanna be” is still just that..

This image was posted on Facebook recently. I re-posted it because it made me laugh. It’s true not just for writers but for anyone who wants to turn their wanna-be’s into be’s.
the muse writers really need

Inspiration is NOT your problem. Perspiration is… ie: DO THE WORK!!

The noun is wrapped up in the verb!

What Tomatoes Can Teach Us About Encouragement

I was inspired to start a garden after visiting my daughter in Phoenix and I talk about it here.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3cDvxCmfd8]

I mention Ron Finley’s TED Talk about turning food deserts into food gardens. Worth watching for sure. And my daughter writes about Hope House Farms and why she needs the farm more than it needs her.

Takeaway ideas.

  1. Get Gangsta with your shovel
  2. Unwilt someone today. It unwilts you in the process.
  3. I’m giving away FREE BOOKS and FREE MUSIC.


[Friday Recap] Being myself and being creative

Friday recap will be some of my observations, websites, articles, and anything else I saw during the week.

On Being Myself

I had a conversation yesterday with my friend, Val King. She is editor/owner/founder of Rock Revolt Magazine. It is pretty cool – I began speaking with her a few years back.. about songwriting, my music, her writing, and WordPress. Now she has a site that is getting thousands of views every day. I won’t take credit (well. for the tagline I will).. She is a fine writer and has thrown herself both feet into hacking wordpress as needed.

We talked about my dilemma non-dilemma of branding/positioning/who am I. Her take (paraphrase), “Matt.. you are Matt Moran. Stop over-thinking it and just be Matt Moran.” I asked for her permission and she gave it.. Thanks Val.

Note: I didn’t press her on why I haven’t been covered as an artists at Rock Revolt. It is obviously my lack of tattoos and hair.. and I don’t flip off my audience enough.. Mental note taken..  I’m buying some stick on tattoos this weekend!

My oldest daughter freaked out, visited me last week, got a plan, returned home, freaked out, got talked off the ledge and felt better – and then blogged about it.

Oh.. then she freaked out again but I’m pretty sure she is talking herself off the ledge this time. I’ll know for sure in a few hours as I am heading out to visit her and my other kids.. Pictures will be taken.

As though on queue, Ze Frank, posted a few videos… on worrying too much and on becoming a new person or growing.

About Creativity

I am often asked how I think the way I do – how to be more creative.. I don’t know how to answer that.. Kyle Cease explains – but it is always there.

Social Media/Content Strategy

My friend Dave pointed me at http://contently.com/blog/ I signed up for their Beginner’s Guide To Blogging Content Strategy but haven’t had time to give a thorough once over.

Karen pointed me at Unclutterer and Jolidrive. I signed up for jolidrive to see how it works but have not really been able to test it.

With the imminent death of Google Reader, here are two RSS Readers I’m checking out. The Old ReaderNewsblur.

And now we head into the weekend.

My book gets some reviews.. both bad and good, plus other stuff

There is a danger in reading book reviews…. well.. specifically, my own book’s review.

In this video I talk about a bad review, a good review, my content schedule, and some t-shirts for my song, This Star-Spangled Life of Mine.

Per the video.. my content schedule is (for now):

  • Monday: Video update (what’s coming up this week plus anything else)
  • Tuesday: Tech Tip Tuesday or Tech & Tips Tuesday
    I might cover more than simply technology.. but something useful.
  • Wednesday: The I.T. Career Toolkit Podcast
  • Friday: Friday Recap
    Things I’ve seen, read, done, or thought about this week.

Of Ragamuffins, Daughters, and Being Offensive

A person, typically a child, in ragged, dirty clothes.

“Ain’t it a blessing to do what you wanna do”
– Shawn Mullins, Twin Rocks Oregon
“Someday You’ll wake up and you’ll be asking yourself why you sat there at your desk, sucking on a corporate breast, you turned out like the rest.”
– Shawn Mullins, Something To Believe In

It’s all related.. I promise. Well, loosely in any case.

Brennan Manning – “The Ragamuffin Gospel” – died last month. My two oldest children closely associate with being ragamuffins.. in a spiritual sense.. along with Rich Mullins. I consider Rich to my favorite songwriter.. IMPORTANT: not my favorite Christian songwriter.. most Christian music bores me.. He is my favorite songwriter because of his songwriting.

The oldest girl is visiting me right now – tag-teaming with her younger sister (aka: “the girl”) by controlling the radio and TV and ensuring Dad is both put in his place and is frequently serving them. I’m okay with that.

I’ve been talking with the older of the two about life and her plans – which are forming as we speak – literally. She mentioned a conversation with #1 – my oldest – who is working to head back to bible college.

Apparently, they were discussing the relative safety and conservative nature of some within the church and at the bible college he’ll be attending… and how they might react to the somewhat nomadic/gypsy and ragamuffin nature of my son.

He then said what I might consider one of the more interesting, poignant, and quotable comments I’ve ever heard.

“It’s going to be refreshing and offensive!”

That’s good!

And he doesn’t mean offensive in terms of salty language or disgusting behavior – although such things could happen. He means something more dramatic… raw transparency.. He means letting down the veil of decency that we all hide behind at times… much of the time…. MOST OF THE TIME… and pushing into a more raw and open dialogue and understanding.

Such conversation necessarily tramples the, “How are you doing? Good. And the kids? Wonderful – they grow up so fast don’t they. Nice weather we are having,” droning that we often take part in.

Those can be uncomfortable and even painful conversations. But my kids have those conversations with each other – and with me sometimes. I’m thankful for that.

And it prompts other conversations..  I seemed to have instilled somewhere in my kids a pretty solid, “F— the establishment! I’m doing what I want to,” perspective. They are still pulled – as am I – by society’s nagging, “this is how life is to be done,” call. Go to school. Get a good job. Climb that ladder (the corporate breast) and smile for the camera.

Mind you.. there is nothing wrong with climbing the corporate ladder per se. The challenge I’ve found is that for many, they are taking part in life with a, “I’ll do this until I figure out what I want to do,” attitude. In many cases, they never get raw enough with themselves or others to answer the question, “what do I want to do?”

Also, I don’t believe, and I hope I am not teaching a, “F— the establishment!” for F—ing’s sake. That’s foolishness and dangerous.

I spoke to my younger daughter’s classroom last week. I LOVED IT! Middle-school is all energy, confusion, and feigned certainty. My advice ran something like this.

  1. There are no rules!
  2. You can change what you are doing at any point in life and pursue something else.
  3. The most important thing about school is NOT getting a degree. It is loving to learn new things!
  4. If you know what you want to do.. pursue it. If you don’t, do lots of things so you can figure that out.
  5. And what you want to do might change.. don’t stifle that. See #2.

But after all is said and done.. perhaps my son has it right.

Be refreshing and offensive! At least with yourself, those you love, and those who love you. You might find that you, in fact, have something to believe in.