Individual & Team Coaching

  • Consultants: Starting Your Consulting Business and/or Making Your Consulting Business More Profitable
  • Online Presence: Blogging, Podcasting, & other Social Media
  • Dynamic Career Growth for IT Professionals
  • Team Collaboration: Tools & Strategies
  • Productivity: clarity of purpose, tasks, and scheduling
  • Musicians:

Coaching Plans

Coaching is catered to the business, individual, and goals. Sessions are typically 60 minutes long but I will work with you.

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“I felt my music had hit a brick wall in early 2011, so I called my friend Matthew Moran and pleaded for some guidance. His advice was rock solid, and I can directly attribute the growth of my fan base in Australia and Europe, as well as my solid position in the APD AAA/Americana radio charts (Top Twenty for three months, Number Ten for August 2011!) to his coaching.”
Jim Pipkin, Songwriter/Performer ( )

Matthew Moran has been instrumental in guiding me as an older man who is working on a B.S. in Computer Networking at my college. I was worried about my age, and Matt helped by giving me several ideas to think about in relation to being an aging worker in a youthful and fast paced changing field. In one of our required classes, we used Matt’s book extensively. Having Matthew Moran as a mentor, through his coaching along with his book, has helped me grow as a technology student by learning to incorporate his ideas into my life and work. Both avenues have given me a new outlook on the professional world, and I highly recommend him. He has vast knowledge that can improve anyone’s career whether it is as a student, technology professional, or anyone looking to grow in their own professional career.
Scott Finnell, IT Professional


Matt Moran is one of those rare people who fully grasps both the art and science of business operations, marketing and technology. Matt’s an anomaly- both a marketing genius and an IT junkie. Any thriving company needs the blend of both. Matt has done an amazing job for Brilliant Products International in helping us achieve our goals.
Kathleen Tomes, Founder/President – Brilliant Baby Products